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Flexispot Sit/Stand Frame

First Impressions

First Week using the the Flexispot ED2B

After a week using the sit/stand desk and it feels an overall positive experience and I would highly recommend the flexispot standing desk.

Purchase & Delivery Costs

The frame was purchased directly from Flexispot since at the time of purchase they had offer which reduced the price of the frame by €90. The frame costed €379.99 reduced to €289.99.

Flexispot didn’t have the option to deliver directly to Malta so I used the Maltapost SendOn service through which I insured the product for €5 and the service charge was that of €31.

Flexispot ED2B via€328
Maltapost / SendOn Insurance (Optional)€5
Maltapost / SendOn Delivery Charge€31

Flow / Use

I usually start the work day by sitting for around two hours before I start feeling the itch to start moving. I go to the kitchen to fetch a bottle of a water and switch to the standing position which can be done in less than a minute with the preset memory buttons. I usually stand for two/three hours before I feel tired and have to switch to the sitting position.

Installation / Assembly

The installation was very easy and it only took a couple of hours totally. Here’s a couple of photos of the unboxing and installation;

You can also find below an installation video which is very close to the


I had been debating to purchase a standing desk for quite some time. I’ve read multiple articles and studies with mixed pros and cons. After 15 years sitting at a desk for over 8 hours Mon-Fri and some time in between, I thought I’d give it a try.

Local Options & Limitations

I contacted a couple of local office furniture companies which offered standing desk but did not offer the option to buy the frame only. So after some online options I landed on the Flexispot ED2B.